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Cranial Orthotics and Cranial Remolding Orthoses in St. Louis

Orthotic & Prosthetic Lab works with many St. Louis physicians to treat infants with plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and scaphocephaly. Many of our infants are evaluated in a clinic setting, seen by a multispecialty team of physicians, therapists and orthotists to resolve issues with head shape. Each STARband™ helmet is custom made for each infant using the latest technology in non-invasive 3D imaging, called a STARscanner®. Our team of caring and highly trained staff have unparalleled levels of expertise in treating infants with Cranial Remolding Helmets. Cranial Remolding Helmets come in a variety of child friendly patterns and colors.

Cranial Orthotics Helments in St. Louis

A Cranial Remolding Orthosis works by fitting closely on the prominent areas of the head and loosely over the flattened areas. The head is encouraged to grow into the lose areas of the helmet, allowing the flattened parts of the head to “catch up” with the prominent areas.

STARscanner® Data Acquisition System

While parents and clinician stand alongside, the STARscanner® uses four eye safe lasers and eight cameras to capture an infant’s head shape in less than 2 seconds. This comprehensive data acquisition system uses software specifically designed to safely document head shape measurements and symmetry changes from the beginning to the end of treatment. Click on the video below to learn more about the Scanning process:

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  • Scanning process is eye-safe and takes less than two seconds to complete.
  • Measures efficacy of cranial remolding orthosis treatment by documenting outcomes for physicians and parents.
  • Documents effectiveness of physical therapy and repositioning efforts.

A clinically-tested & proven 3D Scanning System that fits in your pocket.

For clinic use, where the STARscanners® are not available, our clinicians are equipped with the SmartSoc™ 3D Capturing System. This system uses CurveCapture™, a revolutionary technology that convers 2D images to a 3D model. The system is extremely accurate to 0.1% and fast-2 minutes capturing time.

St. Louis Cranial Orthotics Specialists
Courtesy of Orthomerica Products, Inc. Copyright 2015

Cranial Orthotics and Cranial Remolding Orthoses in St. Louis

FREE Evaluations

Concerned about your child head shape? Our Clinicians can provide a free evaluation with 3-D head shape data for assessment. This information can be shared with your physician to determine appropriate treatment options.

Cranial Orthotics and Cranial Remolding Orthoses in St. Louis

Conservative Treatment Evaluations

We encourage conservative treatment options, such as repositioning and tummy-time.

Helmet FAQs:

Will my child mind the helmet? Most children have little or no difficulty adjusting to a helmet. The goal for helmet use is 20 to 22 hrs. per day. We advise a break in period initially and short breaks throughout the day.

How long will he/she wear the helmet? 3 to 6 months is the standard length of time for wearing a helmet. It is dependent on the severity of the head and the age of the infant.

Cranial Orthotics and Cranial Remolding Orthoses Treatment

What is the best time to start wearing a Helmet? We like to start infants in a helmet between 4 and 7 months. The head is growing rapidly and the helmet is most effective for this age group.

My child has some flatness; will it resolve on its own? Many infants have a slightly misshapen head from the birthing process. This usually resolves in the first month of life. Deformational plagiocephaly, or flattening from lying in on position too long, develops in the first 2 months of life when the skull is very soft and flattens easily. With aggressive repositioning the head shape can be greatly improved during the 0-4 month age. After 4 months, the child can usually pick up his/her head and repositioning is less effective.

What is Torticollis? Torticollis is tightness in the neck muscles. You may notice that your child looks only in one direction. This causes flatness on the side of the head. Therapy may be necessary to eliminate the neck tightness.

Will my child need x-rays before a clinic visit? It depends on your doctor. Some doctors will screen your child for craniostenosis or premature fusion of the borders of the skull bones, before ordering a Cranial Remolding Orthosis. Children with craniostenosis would require surgery to correct their head shape.

Will my insurance cover the CRO? Insurance coverage varies with each policy. In general, there are requirements for duration of repositioning and severity of the deformity. After evaluating your child we will be able to discuss whether your child meets these medical criteria. In addition, there are some policies that exclude coverage for CRO treatment. Our office will work with you to verify coverage and financial obligations.

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Cranial Orthotics Helmets in St. Louis

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